Holiday Gift Guide For Her

Holiday Gift Guide For Her

Hey guys! Only ten days left for Christmas. If you haven't planned what Christmas gift to buy for your mom, sister, cousins, friends, and relatives or what to buy for yourself for this holiday, I'm here to help you. Hope my holiday gift guide will help you all.

1. Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

I've been looking for a great electric toothbrush, so I was glad when I found this on Amazon and it was affordable as well. The kit includes 1 Philips Sonicare Protective Clean 4100 electric toothbrush, 1 Optimal Plaque Control brush head, and 1 charger. It has two great features.

1. Sometimes we brush too hard, and it's neither good for our teeth nor gums. Surprisingly, it has a built-in pressure sensor which will let you know when you are brushing fiercely.

2. It tracks how long you've been using your brush head and when it's time to replace your brush head, a light on the handle and a short beep will let you know.

How cool is that?! Also, it has a battery charge indicator to inform you when it's time to recharge.

I got this one for me. But I think it'll be a great Christmas gift for everyone.

2. Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

I'm fascinated by Huda beauty's other palettes. Especially her obsessions palette. Great color pay off. So for this holiday, I kinda gifted myself her New Nude palette. The packaging is amazing and the colors are pigmented as well. This palette seems versatile and easy to work with. I always like to keep my makeup natural for my day look with a pinkish hue. The glitters are just gorgeous 😍 Can't wait to play with this one.


3. Wireless Charging Stand

I think it's a must buy for tech-loving people this holiday. My husband got this stand from his office holiday party. It's so convenient and fast charging of course. Charging your phone can never be so easy without it. It doesn't matter how I place my phone, it works perfectly. I don't need to think about plugging in my cell phone or look for my charger everywhere 😂 Also I can watch videos without taking it too close to my eyes. So yeah, it will be an amazing gift as well.

4. Beret

You have to keep a beret in your collection for winter. I got mine from a boutique in Tahoe where we spent Thanksgiving. But I saw many cute hats including berets at Nordstrom. I'm linking some of my favorites here.

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